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Jane's Addiction At The Lyric

August 17, 2012 at 9:11 AM

Janes Addiction "Theatre Of Escapists"

Lyric Opera House Baltimore MD

The mighty Jane’s Addiction tore through The Lyric Opera House like a tornado with a 90 minute high energy show. The set was sprinkled with few songs from their new album The Great Escape Artist like "Underground", and "Irresistable Force" (which had that classic tribal drum sound driven by Stephen Perkins). But what the crowd really came for were the old gems from the catalog like “Stop”, “Oceansize”, “Three Days”, "Classic Girl", ” Been Caught Stealing” and the 90's hit “Jane Says”. Fans were treated to a heavy dose of old school Jane's Addiction at The Lyric.


This band and its fans have certainly had their up and downs, since disbanding in 1990 after the highly successful Ritual De Lo Habitual. Not for another seven years would Jane’s return to the stage, for the 1997 “Relapse Tour” with Flea on bass. News of the relapse tour was highly welcomed by the Jane’s fan community even minus Eric Avery. This news created high hopes for a future of Jane’s Addiction which at one point seemed virtually impossible. Since 1997 it has been a roller coaster of events, Flea opted out in the 2001 reunion, and was replaced by Porno For Pyros bassist Martyn LeNoble. Only to be replaced by Chris Cheney for the release of Jane’s first album in over 10 years “Strays” produced by the legendary Bob Ezrin. After the Strays tour, the band took another hiatus until 2008. Reuniting with original bassist Eric Avery. This news came after receiving the NME God Like Genius award, making it the first time the original band members played together in 17 years. Jane’s embarked on a world tour with Nine Inch Nails dubbed the NinJa tour. This tour got the fan base stoked again, fulfilling another wish that seemed almost impossible and set the wheels in motion for a new album with Eric. The reunited Jane’s turned out too good to be true after Eric announced his departure at the culmination of the NinJa tour.


Perry , Dave and Stephen were determined to rebound from this news and vowed push on with their ambitions for a new album, inviting Chris Cheney to rejoin them to record the new album Great Escape Artists and follow up with the Theatre Of Escapists tour. This tour brings the Jane's experience to nostalgic and intimate theatres around the country. The anticipation and angst for the arrival of Jane's Addiction could be felt inside the theatre during the opening set from the super heavy power trio Band Of Skulls. “ Thank you folks this is our last one, it's an honor to open up for Jane's Addiction, you're in for a real treat tonight” says Russel Mardsen

“We chose to play as many of the great theatres that we could find because we wanted to immerse the audience in a unique experience unlike any they have ever seen at a rock show,” says FARRELL. “Expect an orgy of musical and visual delights. We like orgies, and hope you do too.” Jane’s


It was an orgy of visual and musical delights to say the least! Jane’s not only brought a flawless and powerful music experience to the show, but also an impressive theatrical experience and light show. If you could take your eyes off of the band for a minute you could get wrapped up in the bizarre freak show that had dancers in scantily clad outfits, hanging from swings and freak dancing around Perry, Dave and Chris. Then there were the shenanigans on the disturbing video feed on large screens in the back drop. Perry’s behavior was classic Perry, drinking his bottle of wine, leaping around the stage as he did in the late 80’s. At one point after an intamate acoustic “Jane Says” he told all the security guards they could “take the rest of the night off, you’re off duty, this is our place now”. It seems that the setbacks in this bands history have not affected their super talents and abilities to put on a phenomenal show for their fans. I will say that Jane's Addiction is not what it once was, so if you’re expecting the magical experiences of the past you’re going to be let down. However; if you’re going to see a great rock~n~roll show you’re going to get the best rock~n~roll show your money can buy. They rocked the Lyric!


For more photos from the Jane's show CLICK HERE 

Jane’s Addiction: The Lyric Set list


Mountain Song

Just Because

Been Caught Stealing

Ain’t No Right

Irresistible Force

Jane Says (acoustic set up)

Classic Girl (Acoustic set up) dedicated to all the Classic girls.

Up The Beach

Whores (Dancers)

Three Days (Dancers)

Splash A Little Water On It





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