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Jam Band Fan Night @ The State Theatre 3/30/13

April 08, 2013 at 12:20 PM

Covered With Jam

State Theater


Jam Band Fan Night At the State Theater - A Resounding Success!


CVL had a chance last Saturday to check out the first of what we hope will be many Jam Band Fan Nights at the State Theater. The lineup included three incredibly talented local "jambands":  James Helle Trio (aka Project Man), the Second Line Band and Covered with Jam (featuring Ron Holloway). The night proved to be a special evening for all three bands that got to showcase their talents at one of the area’s finest live music venues. A good crowd was on hand to dance through the night as each band offered up some tasty jams. The James Helle Trio got things started with a nice acoustic set followed with a fun-filled dance set by the Second Line Band whose line-up included 10 musicians including a horn section, two guitars, keys and two lead signers. Things really took off once Covered With Jam took the stage featuring the incredible Ron Holloway on Tenor Sax. The band wasted no time getting the place shaking with a blistering versions of "Black Hearted Woman" and a dance/funk version of the Stone's "Miss You". This was my first time seeing CWJ and I was very impressed with the bands musical talents and energy. This was none more obvious than the band's cover of Traffic's immortal song "Low Spark of High Heel Boys" with its deep jazz-rock grooves.  Not to be outdone, the band's cover of Phish's "Maze" jammed on with a jazz/funk motif that any Phish fan would no doubt approve.  The band concluded the set with a very fine and fun interpretation of "Shakedown Street" joined by members of the James Helle Trio and 2nd Line Band. All in all, it was a really fun night that had the crowd dancing throughout the evening. We can only hope they're able have more Jam Band Fan nights at the State in the coming months! Please go out and support local live music and stay tuned to Jamily Prodcutions, Cosmic Vibes Live, and Heady Entertainment  as we’ll be the first to let you know when there’s another date planned.

Set List:

Black Hearted Woman, Miss You> I wish> Miss you, Two Clowns, Low Spark of High Heel Boys, Maze!!! Shakedown Street> 2001!!! (w/Mike Dillow & James Helle joining CWJ on drums and acoustic guitar)

Covered With Jam are:

Ron Holloway - Tenor sax

Jason Skeen - Lead Vocal/ Drums

Sunny Trippel Lead Vocals

Mike Wathen - Keys

Scott Clement - Bass

Dan Steele – Guitar



Set list: Second Line Band

Voodoo, Bayou Breeze, Giving It Up For Your Love, Fire On The Bayou, Superstition, Get Out Of My Life Woman, Mean Old Lady, Use Me, Hey Pockey Way, Yellow Moon, On Your Way Down, Congo Square, Cold Sweat


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